My name is Chris Farrell, a 29 year old Graphic Designer, Photographer and all around Creative Ace, living in the NJ - NYC area. In 2010, I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communication from Caldwell University with a Certificate of Honor awarded to me by the entire Art Department.
I'm in love with what I do, art is life and life is art. Being confident with my talents at such a young age allowed me to focus my career path instantaneously. Project after project bolstered my experience, gaining the trust of mentors and future clients alike. This new found reputation landed me my first freelance gig at the age of 18, since then I have never turned back.
Whether you're a potential client looking for a kick-ass designer or just here for a look-see, I'd like to thank you for visiting my portfolio. If in fact you are searching for a designer to boost your aesthetic world, jump to the contact section for more information. I'm constantly updating my work, both design and photography, so add me into your web surfing procrastination rotation ASAP!